Illumination Pyrotechnics Extravaganza.

What is a Pyro musical I hear you ask?

Well it’s the ultimate show, let’s say it’s like the Ferrari of shows.

We custom design your show to a musical script, you pick the song and we script the fireworks to literally dance along.

A Pyro musical is an epic experience.

Each Pyro musical display is designed from start to finish around your requests. We begin the process with a face to face consultation which enables us to discuss and understand your choice of music and your vision.

We then begin the design process, pulling together all the various effects and listening to the music over and over again, finding those special moments of the music and making sure we build a story with the fireworks chosen.

Our Illumination Pyrotechnics Extravaganzas start FROM £1499.00

Our Extravaganza will quite literally blow your mind!

This is our premium display which can’t be beaten on WOW factor and will definitely leave any audience dazzled and mesmerised.

Everyone’s eyes will be fixated on the sky and everyone’s excitement will fill the air.

We fire from several sites and include a huge range of specialist products from the very best manufacturers around the world.

If you want to leave your audience speechless then this is the package for you!

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