Wedding Packages

Illumination Pyrotechnics brings the sparkle and glitz to your big day. We understand your wedding is the most magical day of your life and we want it to end in the most spectacular way possible, and what better way than an extravaganza that will leave your guests mesmerised and blown away.

Your wedding will be the topic of many memories and lots more conversations for years to come.

At Illumination Pyrotechnics we want to deliver the perfect end to your perfect day and we literally Paint The Sky And Make It Yours. From the moment you hear the first firework whizz into the sky and explode the sparkles bursting to light up the sky and your guests cheering, you will know you made the right decision. We create the most spectacular end to your special day.

We pride ourselves on adding those special touches that will create drama and anticipation but also the most perfect photo opportunities giving you memories to last forever.

We offer a range of packages to fit any budget and are always happy to build a unique package to suit your vision.All of our displays are designed to be one of a kind. We offer various packages that can be tailored to meet your vision.


Our Bronze Package

Our Bronze Love display fires from a single site and begins with our signature whistles to grab hold of your audience and dazzle from above.

Keep your eyes glued to the nights sky as we release a combination of effects that will paint the sky and make it yours for those few spectacular minutes.

Typical Duration of 3 minutes

Prices From £400.00

Our Silver Package

Our Silver Diamond display will leave sparkles if your eyes. Full of glittering bursts and colorful explosions that will leave your audience in awe.

The sky will be alight with various effects fired from 1-2 sites depending on location space. We will link the show to your wedding theme.

You will not be disappointed.

Typical Duration of 5 minutes

Prices From £700.00

Our Gold Package

Our Gold Sparkle is our most popular wedding display combining every effect in our play book.

The display begins with a huge salute to grab everyone’s attention, then fires burst after burst of beautiful effects that will leave your guests screaming and shouting with excitement.

From beginning to end this display is a delight to watch and is always a huge hit.

Typical Duration of approx. 7 minutes

Prices From £1000.00

Our Platinum Package

Platinum Champagne is our deluxe wedding display, from beginning to end it’s an epic experience.

We fire from 2-3 sites, your eyes won’t know where to look next, from sparkling tails to exploding bursts of electric colour, effect after effect will leave your mind blown and will be the talk of the night.

Your photographer will capture some awesome images for you to keep with you forever.

Typical Duration of approx. 9 minutes

Prices From £1500.00


We also love to add those little extra touches that will make your big day an absolute hit.

Having a sparkler station creates fun and excitement as well as the opportunity to capture so beautiful photos involving all your guests. 18″ Gold sparklers with a choice of tags

Prices starting from £40

How about having your first dance burst into light with our beautiful sparkling fountains. These indoor fireworks will create drama and give your first dance that extra glam touch.

Prices starting from £100

We also offer stunning heart shaped Arial shells which we can include in you display the shell bursts into huge red hearts right before your eyes.

Prices starting from £49.99

Entrance & Exit Fountains

Arrive at your event or leave with a statement through a spectacular corridor of sparkles. Our fountains can line your walkway for the ultimate photographic opportunity.

Prices starting from £100

Bigger Intense Final

Why not intensify your display finale with a bigger and more dramatic ending that will leave your guest in awe for a lifetime.

Pricing starting from £100

Memorial Arial Shell

Have a loved one that couldn’t be there for your big day how about sending them a message to the stars.

Prices starting from £150

If you are unsure which direction to go in or which display option would suit you, then drop us a message or pick up the phone we are happy to answer any question and provide any guidance you need.